The Electronic Legal Assistance Center

A tool developed by the Uganda Law Society to enable quick access to legal information and free or low-cost legal help. Keep in mind that this tool may not provide individual assistance with, or information about, your specific case but will use available data to guide you through official procedures and documentation according to the Laws of Uganda.

How to get the best out of the ELAC!

Acquire fundumental information about Uganda's Court System to help your case.

Understand your duties and responsibilites when appearing as a self-represented litigant in Uganda's Court System.

Gain access to the online collection of court forms to get your case moving fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I represent myself?

If you are thinking about representing yourself in Court, you should know that you have an absolute right to do so. However, you should also realize that there are significant risks and responsibilities attached to that right. Adquately prepare by educating yourself about court procedures.Understand the rules of court... Read More

What are some tips for representing myself?

The Court is a very traditional and polite place where a certain demeanor (way of acting) is expected. When you are representing yourself, you are trying to persuade a judge that you are right. You must act and speak in a way which helps you with your case.

How do i get ready for a court hearing?

To be ready for a court hearing, please take note of the following checklist ...



The most formidable challenge of being a self-represented litigant (‘SRL’) is that you must play in a game where the complete rules are known only to your opponents and to the referee (who is called ‘the judge’).

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