To be ready for a court hearing, please take note of the following checklist

  • Documents
    Make sure you have all the original documents. You'll have to take these to the hearing and make copies available to the court.

  • Witnesses
    If the court has allowed you to call witnesses or experts, make sure they are able to come along to the hearing, they know what time it is and where it is being held.

  • Location of court
    Know the location of the court where the case is scheduled to be heard.

  • Time
    Be at the court premises at least thirty minutes before the time the case is scheduled to commence.

  • Dress code
    Dress as formally as you are comfortable with, as if you were attending a formal business meeting. It will make you look more serious and respectful of the court.

  • Carry a notebook
    Bring a notebook with you to court. You may want to take notes.