Execution of decrees simply means the process of realization of what is contained or ordered in a court Judgment. A court decree may be executed;
  • By delivery of any property specifically decreed; 
  • By attachment and sale, or by sale without attachment, of any property; 
  • By attachment of debts; by arrest and detention in prison of any person;
  • By appointing a receiver; 
  • Or in such other manner as the nature of the relief granted may require.
Therefore, a successful litigant in a civil action may utilize any one of the options mentioned above.

Procedure for executing decrees.
  1. After Judgment has been passed, the successful litigant obtains a certified copy of the Judgment by writing a Formal Letter to the Registrar of the High Court requesting for the same.
  2. The litigant then drafts a decree which must comply with the contents in the Judgement. 
  3. Once the decree has been extracted, it must be served on the opposite party for approval
  4. Upon approval, the decree is submitted to the Registrar of the High Court
  5. Upon satisfaction that the decree complies with the judgment, the Registrar of the High court then signs and seals it.This process is referred to as extraction of a decree and it only applies to proceedings before the High Court. In the magistrate courts, it is the duty of the Magistrate to extract the decree.
  6. Once the decree has been extracted, the successful litigant then goes ahead to apply for execution of the decree.
  7. Court will then go ahead to make orders as it deems fit depending on the mode of execution chosen by the litigant.
  8. Depending on the mode of execution chosen, court will then issue 
      - Warrant of attachment of the property 
      - Warrant of committal of a judgement debtor to jail.  
Where should an application for execution of decrees be made?
For High Court cases; it should be made at the High Court Execution and Bailiffs Division in Kampala.
For Chief Magistrate cases; it should be made in the Magistrate court that passed the Judgment.